Last year Mom was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis. The cardiologist called it "mild" and didn't say much other than to mention it. In her exam last week, he mentioned it again, but this time went over the treatment options. At 90 she is probably not a candidate for open heart surgery. There is another, less invasive procedure, but she may not be a candidate for that either. There is also the option to forgo treatment.

Although he still characterized it as mild, I got the impression that it has gotten worse over the last year.

So my question is: does anyone have any experience with this disease? I would just like an idea of how this might play out.

The minimal procedure is called TAVR performed by an interventional cardiologist or thorascic surgeon. There are some risks. Mild AS is treated by medications but there are side effects. Symptoms of AS include shortness of breath on exertion and fluid retention that may cause pulmonary edema, or increasing weakness of the heart.
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Yes my mother had surgery for it 2 years ago when she was then 87. Hers was severe. It had gone from moderate to severe in a couple of years. Although she is high risk she came through it well. She was not cut open but it was done through her groin. She has said since she had it her breathing improved noticeably.

I recall the cardiologist asking my mother how long she wanted to live for. Although she has alot of memory loss she said she wanted to continue to live on. Her case was not giving a long prognosis. It is done fairly regularly these days with success.

Since your mother's case is mild it's hard to know what to do at her age. It would be easier if your mother could describe symptoms. My mother spent years as a Christian Scientist so she is not good at all at describing medical symptoms.

I wish you the best going forward. Good communication with the cardiologist and hopefully your mother will help with making a decision.
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What exactly did the cardiologist say?
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NewandTrying Oct 28, 2019
He said pretty much what's described in the OP, that she would likely not be a candidate for open heart surgery, and possibly not the other procedure, which sounds like what you and the other posters are describing. He also said it may not be necessary at all.

I don't think he was trying to be pessimistic. I think he was taking into consideration that she is 90 and the condition is mild, so there might not be need for any action for years, by which time any kind of surgery would be too risky.
My 90 year old mother in law just had minimally invasive surgery to repair her aortic valve. One night stay in the hospital as a precaution. It has significantly improved her cognition and her quality of life.
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NewandTrying Oct 27, 2019
Thanks, Barb. That's more hopeful than the cardiologist was!

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