I thought I read a review of the place that my mom is at on the AgingCare website , and I would like to also leave a review.

I signed up here today, and it seems to be rather confusing in that regard.

I received a welcome message - but cannot respond back, even with clicking on the hyperlink.

Help! I seem boxed in with no other options other than the forum here.

Thanks so much.

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Do you think there is a need for more facility reviews? I do not see much online. Wondering if it'll be helpful for when one searches for a facility. Thoughts?
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RedBerryFarm, I did some digging and found where you can write a review. Now I wished I would have left some bread crumbs to find my way back :P

Go to bottom of this page and click on what you want. Once on that page, scroll down the page to the list of cities. Click on the closest city. You will get a list of places. Go to the end of the list, you will see a list of other closer cities to choose from.

Hope this helps.

Oh, I found in my area under INDEPENDENT LIVING there were townhouse subdivisions that are NOT independent living, just regular townhouse developments where anyone can buy. No staff, nothing to do with elders.
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RedBerryFarm Dec 30, 2018
Woo-hoo! Found the breadcrumb trail . Thank you!!!!
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