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I’ve posted here before about how hard it was to take care of my mother and work towards my physics PhD program. Last month, I failed a qualifying exam that would advance me from a masters to a PhD. The hours required to care for my mother instead of studying is 90% to blame. I’m now leaving school with a masters (considered a huge embarrassment in this field).

I’ve been urged to to take two years off, then try again for a PhD. I thought online courses through coursera and online transcription services would keep me qualified and with enough money for rent I live with my parents and paying mom’s medical expenses is considered my rent).

Anyone do “work from home” employment while caring for an invalid? I’ve found a few places but I’m not sure who is legitimate.

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What is your Master's in?

I work from home now, but I have a specialty, home office and the proper software to do it.

There are alot of online tutoring jobs available that can pay $20 or so an hour. You could try that.
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Try They seem to be the best for finding legitimate work from home opportunities. There is a fee to use their services.
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Silverbird; You are 21 years old and to my knowledge, have not held a job.

What your parents are expecting of you is unfair in the extreme.

Talk to their doctor about making alternative arrangements for them.
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I worry about you. You have a Masters degree and you cannot take the time to even work in the field that you earned the degree in. I have one in a very technical medical field that changes rapidly. Even graduates in a BS who do not find a job within a year will find it difficult to get hired. Hence, the degree becomes useless.

Those online jobs are mostly scams. It is time for you to reset your priorities. Perhaps you should seek out a meeting with a Life Coach
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Unless you have a skill that will allow you to telecommute for a real, local employer you aren't likely to be able to earn a living working from home, 99% of the opportunities on line are fantasy and/or scams.

And I'm with SnoopyLove - why are you paying to be your mother's caregiver?? If she had to hire someone else to do what you are doing she would be providing a wage as well as free rent, if you've been reading on AgingCare you should already know that.
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shad250 Nov 17, 2018
There are legitimate work from home jobs. Many companies are turning to this, because it saves them money as well as many work from home workers can be very productive.
". . . paying mom’s medical expenses is considered my rent." What? And you're also caring for her? And you're messing up your career goals and future? What?!?!

I'm sorry that I don't have any good suggestions about online-type jobs. I sincerely wish I had some good suggestions for you in that regard.
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