Limited time, not enough help or parent resistance?

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Dr apts that get made for days I work,, Mom hates to have hubs take her. even though he is home and able to take her, and willing to do so.
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Dear MargaretMcKen: Thanks so much for your answers indeed! We are a research group from Cornell which is dedicated to finding innovative alternatives to help caregivers take care of their parents. That is one of our research questions in order for us to understand the pains of caretakers and propose a reasonable solution that will enable caregivers to continue caring for their parents while also caring for themselves in the future. Meanwhile, I am also facing the choice to think about the ways taking care of my own parents when they are in their 80s and getting weaker and weaker physically.
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Worn to a frazzle. No one person can do everything.
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It depends on the parent – their needs and their behaviour. The problems also affect each other. Resistance means that parents refuse to accept another caregiver, and so there is no help for the carer and not enough time to do everything (and have a life as well). If they are all happening, the worst depends on which is bugging you most at the time. Why are you asking?
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