My 91 yo mother (dementia) has been talking nonstop to imaginary boyfriends...some names are familiar & known to me ...(& are deceased)...this can go on all night I took her to her neurologist & he said just increase Seroquel before bed time...If she refuses & then I have to hide it in a chocolate or ice cream.

But I have to put in ear plugs, play radio to drown out talking & then she lets out a big loud hysterical laughter...I would think all this constant chatter would exhaust her, but it don’t. She was even doing it when we took her to dr the other day & he thought she was talking on the’s just when she starts, it’s NONSTOP!!! & extremely irritating & annoying...especially since she’s “talking “ to my Father’s former boss & plotting how they are going to kill me & referring to me as “the prostitute!” Last night I increased Seroquel one more before bed & she slept much better...& so did I! Anyone have this same problem? Thanks in advance!

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Mom, who passed in April, would have conversations in the night. Most times it was more mumbling, but there were times she was loud and vigorous and enjoying her discussion. Eventually in the night she'd fall asleep (thank you!).

There was one night she was flat out chewing out someone for something. No way was I going to interrupt that!

For some reason hearing her conversing with someone, especially those times when she seemed to be enjoying the conversation, was very comforting to me.

I'm glad you found something that will help the both of you get some sleep!
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I don't have any personal experience but I observed a few people at the nursing home who appeared to be having conversations (rather than just random vocalizations). I always figured - well, at least they aren't lonely🙄. Is the extra seroquel still helping?
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Anyone have any answers for my question above? Thanks in advance.
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