Where my mom is, I know that they are busy. But is that a reason for them not contacting me via e-mail when I send an e-mail waiting for a response? How would they like it if is was their loved one there and they wanted to know more? Would they just let it go or what? I am getting a tad bit upset. None of the topics really work for this question.
I wonder during this time if people are not wanting to apply?

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I think that perhaps, in these fraught times, we need to think "no news is good news".

I can only imagine the anxiety that you all are going through with your loved one's in care facilities. My heart goes out to you all.
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I can’t speak for what’s happening in your mom’s AL, but my LO has just recovered from three weeks of Covid19.

I am so grateful for the hours and hours and hours that those workers labored to get her well. There were stretches of DAYS when I heard nothing, but I trusted her caregivers and knew that one way or the other, I’d hear.

You say you know they are busy, and I’m sure you’ve seen a busy day there. But I don’t think any of us can imagine what this was like.

It WAS my LO, and I DID want to know more, but I knew that the hands on care that these horribly sick people were receiving was much more important than my personal grief and anxiety.

I love EVERY SINGLE WORKER at our AL. I hope they can soon get back to their normal schedule, already too busy.

To me they are worth their weight in gold.
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Judy, my husband’s mom is on hospice. He has the best luck contacting her case manager. It’s not that they don’t want to reply, it’s that they are prioritizing. Read email or check meds? Send email or shower resident? Email or feed patient, change depends, coordinate doctor orders, help with ADLs...the hands on patient care will always come before email. And multiply your request by number of people on ward during pandemic? They often barely have time to answer phones. The charge nurse told my husband they would have to hire a full time person just to keep up with calls and emails from family and there was no budget for that. I’m sorry you are having trouble getting thru.
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Judy79 Apr 2020
Thanks! Maybe they should do that. ;) At least the executive director responded to my e-mail. She said that they didn't get the e-mail. She also said that they would respond in 24 hours. I guess, like you said, pick and choose. At least she seems happy. But getting outside in the sun would do her wonders. As I know for others. Appreciate the reminders.
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