My mom had a stroke about 5 month ago, her right side is very weak and she also suffers from Aphasia (language ability has been affected due to a stroke) I did everything I could possible for her weight gain, however nothing seems to work. Maybe she has absorption issues? She is so thin. It is so painful for me and she is wasting muscle mass since the stroke. I feed her a mostly protein diet. Her therapy told me she has to have weight bearing activity and it would help her bulild her muscle. Since she can't walk or care for herself without assistance I am living in great fear, depressed and anxiety.

This website is my only support and has helped me so much

i have been crying a lot lately and I feel so helpless.. I would highly appreciated any advices to help my mom her weight gain.

Thank you all and God blessed 🙏🙏

Has your Mom been diagnosed with Cachexia? If so I would suggest you read more about it because it prevents absorption of nutrients. My husband has been wasting for about 5 years, he's lost half his body weight and absolutely cannot gain any weight no matter how many calories he consumes. I wish there was a cure or better solution but so far the doctors and medical community have not provided anything that helps. It's very hard to see your loved one wasting away and losing muscle mass. I hope you find a solution, but we've been told there's no cure.
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We make Ensure smoothies for Papa. We use a small bottle of ensure, vanilla ice cream & fresh fruit. He loves them and they are thickened so they go down easier. He gets all of the vitamins and nutrients from the Ensure and fruit - plus extra calories from the ice cream. Whatever adds weight at this stage!
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Yes, Boost and Ensure are great. If mom doesn't like those then do some internet research for similar products in other flavors. If there is a sports nutrition store near you go in and ask them for advice.
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My Ex, who has some form of dementia, is in a nursing home and lives for his daily Ensure ration. Until they started that he was losing weight. He can no longer walk very far so is in wheelchair most of the day. It's funny, he used to beg our daughter to bring him "suicide pills" (she is an RN so I guess he thought she had access to those, whatever they are), Now he seems happy at the NH and looks forward to his daily Ensure (he is gaining weight). I hope the day doesn't arrive when both of us need NH memory care as my daughter says he and I will have to share a room!
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You said "I did everything I could possible for her weight gain, however nothing seems to work". Would you mind telling us what you have tried?

Some of the main recommendations for weight gain include
Added dietary protein and protein powder supplements
Nutrient dense foods like nuts, full fat cheese and yogurt and whole grains
Healthy fats like olive oil, butter and coconut oil
It may be easier to drink your calories with calorie dense smoothies and supplements like Boost or Ensure
Include lots of snacks throughout the day

When it comes to exercises check the web for seated or wheelchair workouts and use light hand weights and resistance bands to build muscle.
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If Mom isn’t being regularly followed by her physician and/or a neurologist, she needs to be seen. I know how difficult it is to get an immobile person to a doctor’s office. We are going to sign up with a visiting physician’s group. They also do blood testing and can even do radiology. If there is something going on with Mom, these doctors can find out what it is. They can recommend rehab if she needs it and nutritional, counseling.

Please come back back and let us know how she’s doing.
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I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much.
Perhaps have your Mom's doctor refer you to a registered dietitian or you could even seek one out yourself. That person would be able to give you tips for upping your mom's caloric intake that would be the most healthful. A diet that is mostly protein can cause problems the body to lose weight (think Atkins diet).
Is your mom completely unable to walk at all? If not, get her up with a walker at every chance. Any weight bearing walking is better than none at all. The old saying of "Use it or lose it" is especially true with older adults.
Don't be afraid to talk to her doctor(s). Especially the ones you followed up with after her stroke. Also, if you haven't done it, get her and yourself some in home health care. Medicare pays for it. Speech and Physical therapy will help her and give you a bit of time for yourself.
Prayers for some answers to help take the weight of this off your shoulders.
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