The End of Alzheimer's; The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Bredesen. If so, how would you rate it?

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Definitely let us know if you read it! I'm on the waiting list for a copy at the library. I've listened to a few interviews with Dr. Bredesen and found them fascinating (though a bit above my pay grade in terms of the science -- this guy definitely is working on some very sophisticated theories about how people come to develop Alzheimer's in different ways, apparently). I'm looking forward to reading it.

If you look up "Dale Bredesen the End of Alzheimer's" on YouTube a number of interviews and presentations of his come up. Sampling one or more of them might help give you a sense if he is your cup of tea.
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I have not read the book. (Hadn't heard of it.) Here is an interesting interview with the author: This was in 2015. At that time only 70 people with ALZ had participated in the studies. It would be interesting to know the current numbers.

From the very little I've looked into this, I'd say this researcher is definitely not a quack. His medical degree did not come out of a crackerjack box!

Much of what he says in the interview I've heard or read from others. For example, ALZ is a very complex disease and it is unlikely it will be conquered with a single drug or single life-style change. The "drug cocktail" approach has proven viable with other diseases, and he predicts it is the wave of the future.

While he talks about a drug cocktail, the components of that don't seem to be available yet. The protocol in this book seems to be primarily life-style changes. Back in 2015 the program was always under medical supervision. I wonder how that translates into do-it-yourself therapy.

It is 350 pages, and I wonder if it is particularly technical. More than one "summary" of the book is available. Hmm... Many of the reviewers on Amazon report it is not too technical for the lay person.

If I knew someone who currently has ALZ I think I would order this book. In fact, I might anyway. It sounds fascinating.

If you do read it, please share your impression with us!
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Haven't read it, but read a review in a psych journal. As well as I remember the reviewer wasn't sold on it. But that's just one person's opinion. You might check the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Neuroscience Center. Sometimes they have book reviews in their newsletter. They have some of the cutting edge research on Alzheimer's and dementia. Or contact thenAlzheimer's Association - they usually have reading lists available.
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