My mom's current obsessison is the Covid vaccine. She is extremely upset that she had not yet been able to get one in her small town. The demand is high and the supply is low. I cannot get her to understand the logistics of production, transportation, and storage. She calls me every day with something she saw in the paper or on the news about available appointments. It was easier to get Beatles tickets in 1965! I DO have an appointment for her on March 1, but we have to travel 90 miles to get it. She does NOT want to do that. She is afraid of the weather (if the weather is bad, which is certainly possible) we won't go. She's convinced that we will go all the way there and "somebody will screw up" and there won't be any vaccines. I can't convince her that with an appointment that means a vaccine is put aside for you. I've made many calls, spent hours online, and jumped through all kinds of hoops to get her this appointment. I am on a notification list in case more doses become available locally. I'm literally doing everything I possibly can, but it's not good enough. I swear if Dr. Fauci showed up at her house with the vaccine in a solid gold syringe she'd find fault with that too. I feel like telling her that if she feels she can navigate this better than I can to HAVE AT IT!!

Well, Mom should join the group. I am thrilled to have number one shot on board. But even in this quite large town it hasn't been easy and I feel very lucky to be a Kaiser patient (once again).
Do let Mom know that her life won't change appreciably for some time even after the vaccine. We will be following the same protocols. I will be back to riding my buses and couldn't be more thrilled. Going to a museum when I want, and junk shopping, but I will be doing so still in the world of masking up and washing up and social distancing and numbers limited where I am shopping. Just to now browse my bookstore will be a real treat for me, but as I said not appreciably changed over all until we get some herd immunity going.
Do the best you can; these are our times. Not a lot to be done but the best we can.
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I have read that there is no guarantee that the vaccine will work. If she contracts COVID after getting the shots, it will probably be a light case. Since there is no guarantee, we will still be under restrictions of some sort. So the safest place Mom could be is her home.

Wonder if there are placebos in shots like pills. Then the doctor can give her a fake shot.😊

Just a week ago our County was given 500 shots. 400 were put aside for NHs and essential workers. Only 100 were available to the public and they went. A person posted at the rate of 500 a week it would take 2 1/2 years to inoculate everyone in a County of 60,000.
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You mention “current obsession”.

The subject of Covid obsession is big with me too, partly because I’ve been locked in since last March, and even more because I’ve had Covid since around January 15.

Assuming that she’s in the “eligible” category, has she had a conversation with her doctor about finding the vaccine locally?

I live in an area where it is also IMPOSSIBLE to get the vaccine, but through a doctor, a relative who is 86 and her friend, aged 93, have been placed on a priority call just a short ride from their neighborhood.

Tragically in some places, this is coming down to who you know.
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bolliveb Feb 7, 2021
You are told DO NOT CALL YOUR DOCTOR. They don't give the vaccine and they aren't in charge of distributing it. There IS a hotline and a website.
Not saying this flippantly, but just ignore it all. Change the topic, end the phone call or leave the room. You won't change her mind or be able to reason with her so don't spend any emotional energy on it at all. It will just continue to stress you out. Don't feel any guilt in putting up this boundary -- it's for your own well being. Work on peace in your heart for the things you cannot change.
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