Csuszka, take your Mom to her primary doctor and have her tested for an Urinary Tract Infection. Such an infection can cause elders to lash out at others, etc. If there is no infection, you can cross that off the list, and now look into the possibility of some form of dementia.
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Agree with funkygrandma. It is doubtful that she has a 100% grasp on what she is accusing you of, etc. So, have some vague answers ready for these times. Don't take offense, don't argue or try to prove with logic that it is untrue. Won't help.

Offer to help her look for the items, even if they are unfindable. 5 minutes, maybe. Try to redirect her and distract her onto something else. Be ready since I'm guessing that this is a common, ongoing refrain.

If you read thru this forum at all, you will see that this is a VERY common problem.

My goal is to make it to 100 and I hope I am independent too!
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Wow! How blessed you are to have a mom that is 100 years old and still independent. Accusations and paranoia are both common with people suffering from dementia/Alzheimer's, which I can only guess that your mom has some of at her age, so I certainly wouldn't be taking any of her accusations seriously or personally. Just try and enjoy whatever time you have left with her. Best wishes.
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