I am caregiver for my mother she lives with me.

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My experience is quite different and I dont mean to find humor in this topic. My older sister retired and I asked her to "HELP!"
he just walked through and I told her about this thread topic. We both bust out laughing and she said "no you got me to move in so I could argue wih Mom for awhile and you could watch." Getting Mom to do the normal daily minimium is no spectator sport and takes both of us unfortunately
i said "Sucker" (while mimicking reiling in a fish). She is building a small home next to Moms house that she refers to as escaping from the "ward" She is jokingly saying "you didnt give me that property (Im POA) you got me to pay half the taxes, didnt you lil sis"
I am so glad to have her here. I have had to hone my conversational skills beyond the same statement being made 20 times in 10 minutes and having to talk to the dog for a stimulating response.
My advise is try to get along. In this economy you never know how many of your siblings you might end up living with and grateful they are there.
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Agree to disagree without being disagreeable.
Also remind yourself that the Elder will attempt to divide you all, thereby maintaining control while you are busy arguing. It's called Divide and Conquer.
You will find plenty of combatants posting on this site.
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The problem with siblings seems to be quite common. To read what others had to say go to the top right corner of this page to "Search Site" box.... type in Siblings.... you'll see other questions/discussion about same. Plus others will hopefully chime in with their sibling issues.
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