Is anyone caring for a type 2 diabetic, who is also showing signs of dementia?

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My mom developed diabetes after a bad fall 10 years ago where she lost a lot of mobility and began sitting on the couch during the day - weight gain and a sweet tooth made it worst and dementia followed a few years later

Following another bad fall and rehab and weight loss, her blood sugar improved to the point that it was too controlled and her dr reduced her med last summer

Now that she's in a memory care facility and on an antipsychotic which causes weight gain in addition to the sweets at her facility - they put meds in ice cream - she's put on more than 20 lbs and her sugar is back up so her med was just increased

She's nearly 94 and I'm not going to start unduly restricting her diet at this point - if she was younger maybe but not living where she is now

She's atypical in her dementia too and isn't like others in her facility although she's certainly declined since she's been there

5 years ago she had emergency surgery that the anesthelogist didn't think she'd get through due to some problems with her heart but for about an hour afterwards her memory was crystal clear - I guess from the oxygen during the procedure

So much of illness is random, some folks who exercise and watch everything they eat still get cancer and some folks who eat bacon and eggs and drink whiskey are just fine into their 90s
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Yes, my mother is Type II diabetic. I don't know what type of dementia my mother has, since it isn't progressing in the way that is typical. Maybe it is vascular dementia with a touch of Alzheimer's mixed in. Caring for her is complicated by the diabetes. Her meals and medications are huge considerations that have to follow a certain schedule. I've thought many times about how much simpler caregiving would be if there weren't the diabetes. I can't just go out and buy a pizza or burgers whenever I want. Each evening I have to plan a diabetes-appropriate meal. There's only a few things she likes, so meals are not so exciting. I don't buy cakes or pies, since there is no one here but me to eat them. I miss the old days when it comes to eating. (A plate of spaghetti sounds like heaven.)
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No, but it is my understanding that dementia can be another problem with type 2 diabetes.
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