So I must have used 7 pull ups today. I Use a brand called Tena and insert a pad over the pull up during the day. Today I was dealing with two elder parents both with varying stages of memory and cognition decline. My mom gets a bathroom break every two hours and sometimes it works great and she pees in the toilet and the pull up is spared. Sometimes not and I need to use a new pull up. Does anyone or has anyone tried to hack the dry part of a used diaper and safely make it usable in some other way? I have tried by cutting out the dry part, trimming off the sides roughly and folding over the open edge and taping it in various ways with cloth tape. I sort of end up with an odd shaped pad. I then use this sort of pad and slide it under my mom on top of her clean diaper when she is sitting up in bed to have her morning drink. She often pees on this pad and it spares the new diaper so when I get her up for the day, the clean diaper is still clean as only the hacked pad got wet. Does anyone do anything like this and if so, what have you done that is actually cost effective and makes a difference. I sometimes think it is too time consuming or financially, it is not really saving me much. It is less in the landfill I suppose. Any ideas on this or anyone tried it and found it a benefit or a waste of time. If I dont do this, I use mens pads and Tena pads and slide them under my mom over her new diaper but that is another 100 diaper pads in addition to bed pads diapers and pull ups.

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Thank you for all the input so i can weight my efforts with this creative diapering. I had a scare 4 months ago and my mom got a diaper rash. That was because she was beginning to not want to stand up when it was time to and protested. So she ended up sitting in her pull up for 5 hours until i learned how to force her up safely. But those few times where she sat and also coupled with a bowel movement before she got up in the morning, we experienced diaper rash and that scared me. If her pull up gets leaked from the pad that is sitting over it, i still feel the wetness on the surface of the liner. If i let her a semi wet diaper during the day and then at night she is always wet as well, doesnt that result i diaper rash soon?
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I basically did what Sue did but I did it for bowel movements. I put a thin maxipad inside her pull up. Then when she had a small accident, I just took that pad out. Mom always had leaking problems so great that way too.

I agree you need to find a cheaper pull up. Walgreens has their own brand, Serenity. They have a buy one second 50% off sale. I would stock up. Their monthly booklet has $5 off coupon sometimes.
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I have a Sam's Club membership. Buying in bulk from there helps with the cost. Also, the only other thing to do is to change out the diapers like you've been doing. It sounds like you got this!
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I'm sure other people are more inventive and ingenious, but I must admit my feeling is that you could drive yourself round the bend trying to do this. Not that I don't sympathise with the frustration and resentment of waste, I do.

What might well be worth doing, though, is trying a few different types of continence care brand and seeing if you can find a more economical answer - there's an almost infinite range of sizes, shapes and absorbencies.

There are also very good, very reliable, washable bed and chair pads - only, of course, you end up spending on water, detergent and electricity what you saved on the disposables. Credits for avoiding landfill, but demerits for everything else. :( You can't win.
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If it's barely wet, why would you need to do anything? A modern diaper has a membrane and hydrophilic polymer behind it to soak up the moisture. The membrane isolates that from the skin so that the skin stays dry.

Overnight diapers are on all night soaking up multiple releases. It sounds like you change diapers often enough during the coarse of a day that it will be on for much less time than an overnight diaper. If those can stay on all night, I don't see why you can't leave a barely wet diaper on until the next change.
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Tena is the most expensive, i found. I ended up with member's mark from Sam's club and they worked great, my dad was 275#s and would soak a full sized bed edge to edge but we never had a leak with the members and they had all the latest technology and were the cheapest I could find. So best and cheapest then I wasn't so worried how many each day.
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I would put 2 super absorbent Kotex (sanitary pads) in the diaper, then take each one out as it got wet. It worked fairly well.
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