Hand washing is not a problem but drying them could be. I don't subscribe to a news paper, which is great for drying shoes. I am concerned the dryer would ruin them as well as being very noisy. I think powders would clump and be a challenge to clean out.

I don't know of specific solutions for the situation, but I can offer a few suggestions for another equally intense odor.

After my parents had to be flown back home after my father became very ill in their Texas campground, he eventually returned with a friend to close up their trailer and shed, as we convinced them it wasn't wise to go to Texas any more.

Despite their rent having been paid ahead, the campground manager irresponsibly shut off electricity to their trailer. When Dad and a friend returned, they found a frig and freezer (full of meat) spoiled, and ...well, you can imagine the odor of rotted meat in a confined freezer in the Texas sun.

They used coffee grounds and baking soda to absorb the odors. Eventually, the odors did dissipate.

You can also pick up grocery circulars to use as newspaper; in my area, there are always stacks of them at the entrances. Probably a good day would be the last day of the sales as the circulars would be replaced the next day.

You might also try white vinegar, patting it on the inside of the shoes.
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At our library, we have local weekly advrtisers. I'm sure you could ask the librarian fir some old copies.
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If your neighbours are conscientious about sorting the trash for recycling, maybe they could let you have enough clean newspaper? That definitely is the only way I know of of drying leather without its cracking or stiffening, and keeping the shoes in shape.

Otherwise, removals companies sell cartridge paper in bulk for packing; but it's thicker and doesn't scrunch up in the same way.
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What kind of shoes are they? Sneakers? Leather shoes? If they’re cloth shoes, you can throw them in the washer and they set them out in a sunny spot to dry and air out. If they are leather, it would be best to take them to a dry cleaner who also cleans leather clothing.
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