Product recommendation needed for comfortable, waterproof bed topper. Any suggestions?

I am looking for a bed topper (memory foam--ironic, isn't it?--or egg crate) that is also waterproof, OR a waterproof cover for a bed topper. The one on my dad's bed is ruined as a result of his changing status, and I need something that doesn't need to go to the laundry. I need something that can be disinfected with a spray and cloth, so it can be used every day. I want to make Dad's bed more comfortable; he's at a nursing home and his bed is like your typical hospital bed. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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The first step is to get him into an incontinence product that has more capacity. Abena Abri-Flex has about triple the capacity of Depends (at double the cost). Or you can add a booster pad (not a liner) to his current product.

Next get a waterproof mattress cover that is waterproof on at least 5 sides (6 is better). I like the ones with terry cloth, and no padding.

Make the bed in this order: Put your memory foam ;-) or egg crate on top of the mattress; then the waterproof mattress protector; then a 30" x 40" (approx) quilted pad with a waterproof backing; then a fitted sheet; then another 30" x 40" quilted pad; then another fitted sheet.

It seems like a lot, but if the bed gets wet during the night, you only have to remove the sheet and quilted pad, and the bed is ready to sleep in again. 95% of the time, I never have to remove anything except the sheet and the quilted pad.

Good luck,
I would suggest you invest in an alternating pressure mattress pad. It is water proof, and prevents bed sores.
I'm also searching for something like that for my LO. She's losing her mobility and I want to safeguard her skin before it becomes a problem. It's really confusing and difficult to find. I'll try the suggestions. Is this better than a hospital bed? They don't seem very comfortable to me.
We have 2 of the pads we bought of Amazon. One is on mom's hospital bed, the other I put on her recliner in the livingroom. My mom is stage 7 Alzheimer's and hasn't been able to walk for about 3 years. It actually is pretty comfortable. I have been able to keep her skin in great condition... This being one of the ways.
The alternating pressure mattress is available to put on a hospital bed frame or on other frames. They can be rented. If you're on hospice, they will be supplied. Sometimes the VA will supply.
Thanks for the tips. I'm not sure what to do right now. MC asst. director, Dr. and I met about her decline last week and are meeting again next week to see if Hospice eval is called for. He discontinued some meds to see if that was the cause, but she's still not able to sit up well and she's not using her legs or feet like she used to. If she goes on Hospice, they will provide the bed, but, if not.....I'll have to get her something better until that happens, even if I have to pay out of pocket. So, I may just wait and see how we are proceeding next week.

I have seen other residents there in hospital beds and they just didn't look comfortable to me. I have only slept in a hospital bed one time and it was horrible. I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Can you request an upscale model?  lol 
These work very well over whatever mattress/topper. These saved me a lot of time and energy from always cleaning up after leaks from my incontinent mother who suffered from Dementia.
I would suggest getting a Gel type mattress pad. They can be rented or purchased. My wife has been completely bedridden for one year and has had one the entire time. In that time we have had no problems of any kind and she is comfortable with no bed sores, etc. She is also in a hospital bed.
@Sandwichedat40: I can almost bet that a soiled mattress pad or cover will not make it back onto your Dad's bed. I had several blankets that I brought to the Nursing Home when my husband was in re-hab and they all disappeared.
A waterproof cover that could be wiped down would be possible, if you think that the staff would clean and sanitize it each time.
I would ask about the alternating pressure mattress. The cover can be wiped down but due to the air flow you can not put another cover on it.
Mattresses can be rented most of the time they are paid for by Medicare and they can be changed out so if one becomes soiled it can be replaced quickly, usually within 24 hours. When my Husband was on Hospice we first got an alternating pressure mattress then another type that had air chambers that would fill and deflate if that is how you set it or they would remain static. (a bit loud but never had pressure sores so it was worth it!)
As jjariz mentioned look at taking care of the incontinence issue. Comdom catheter would allow the urine to be captured. They may be difficult at first to get them to stay attached, but with my FIL we learned omniflex tape or a similar tape work wonderfully staying adhered to the condom and the skin, without causing irritation with daily changes.

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