My Dad is living in his own house. He's had couple of falls. He wants to stay in house . Just need some idea or resources to make his house safer & prevent falls. He had polio when he was younger, so his legs don't work well. Walks with a walker.

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There is another factor besides making the home safer as noted above. Post-polio folks can lose a little ground with aging - basically if one of their few remaining motor units in an affected area wears out, it's a bigger effect than other folks would have. They may need to try some orthotics (bracing) which can be emotionally hard, since back in the day the single goal was to get rid of all braces. Back then braces were heavy and ugly and more suitable for use in than out of the hospital. Mobility aids such as scooters can give someone back longer distance mobility as well. Find an older physiatrist (rehab doc) who knows firsthand or at least learned some about "old polio" and they may be able to help you pick the right stuff and careful and selectively strengthen anything than can be strengthened without overwork.
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Basically you’ll have to childproof your homes all over again but with a different method. Well unlike children who basically have no knowledge when it comes to the things that may hurt them, adults on the other hand are aware of it but sometimes lacks the control over their bodily movements to keep them from committing mistakes or trying not to bump of fall over something on the house. Here is a few tips you could apply at home to make the place safer, convenient and more comfortable for him.
1. Having carpeted floors or floors that are not too slippery.
2. Tuck away all those unnecessary furniture and trinkets lying around the house. Go back to the basics and remove anything that may cause slips and trips.
3. Handle bars on the comfort room and the shower comes handy
4. If the budget permits, a speaker phone inside their rooms connected to you or to someone who can attend to their needs
5. Try to convert your glass tables and countertops to wood or something that won’t easily break
In setting up the house, everything should be within an arm’s reach for them. A comfort room inside their room would be great. Having to stay on a room on the ground floor is also advisable in this case. The kitchen, the balcony and the living room should be always kept clean and clear to prevent possible accidents as well. Basically clearing the house from litter will save you a lot of troubles.
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Remove rugs, keep walkways clear of clutter. Have nightlights that automatically go on in low light.
I hesitate to suggest a pendant system, since they may have falso alarms (my dad's has done so several times just the pastyear).
Be Realistic--it does not matter where he lives: if he is frail or tippy for whatever reason, he is likely to fall. That is not anybody's fault, it can and will happen whether he live at home, or in the most expensive nursing home in world.
This is not to say we shouldn't try to help prevent falls, but don't drive yourself crazy. The only way to 100% keep him from falling is to strap him upright on the wall, and that's not desirable. He is sort of likely to fall because of his condition, not for lack of care.
Best wishes as you offer your care and consideration to him.
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His MD can order an occupational therapist (OT) who will make many suggestions. Ask for it.
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