My mother was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Thought it was just vascular dementia, but the PET scan reveled Alzheimer's. The neurology Dr has prescribed her Namenda as a first course of action and will be giving other medicines after she has taken this for 7 weeks. The Dr has started off with small doses building up to bigger doses. Has anyone had any luck with this med. It is only given to moderate to sever patients with Alzheimer's.

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I so far have not had to deal with dementia ,yet, with my mother. Keep coming to this site because there are so many on here that do and I am sure some have had real life experience with this drugs effect. Just keep in mind, one drug does not fit all, some may have good experience , some bad experiences, the effect of the drug may also depend on what other health issues your loved one has.I guess what I am trying to say is educate yourself about this drug,use the internet,.WebMD would be a good place to start Knowledge is power.Knowing more about the meds you give your loved one can give you confidence and also help them out as you will be more alert to side effects that should be reported to the MD.Never just stop a med without consulting your MD first because of something someone told you ,ask them where they got their medical license.My mom did something like that based on what some friend said and it made her very ill and took awhile to get her back up to speed.Also,does your mom have an ID bracelet to wear that has contact info on it just in case she wandered. Don't want to scare you , but you are starting a long journey but this site is a great place to come to for info and ideas. Lots of nice people on here that are dealing with the same thing you are.Also a great place to ventilate on those frustrating days.
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