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My step-daughter is 58 years old with a history of brain tumor removal at age 12, followed by radiation to both sides of her head, all in 1971. She has the mental capacity of a 12 year old, and life experiences that make her seem older. She seems to be aging differently and I am concerned about her living on her own. Her one bedroom apartment is brand-new and in a very nice place. I am concerned that she is not preparing meals for herself and that she is very lonely. She has Social Security Disability income that cover her living expenses. Is there a group home for mentally disabled adults where she can have supervision and community in Jacksonville, Florida?

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You may have to check with your state. Most grouphomes are paid by Medicaid. In my state there is a wait list....basically it becomes emergency housing when the family caregiver dies. The state never gave a wait ten to families and it made the news.
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DebraCapley, I haven't checked Jacksonville, Fl., but there are group homes for adults with disabilities in every major city, as well as many small towns and rural areas. But, the idea of moving your stepdaughter should first be discussed with her and, assuming she's agreeable, you'll need to thoroughly investigate before choosing one. JoAnn 29 had some good advice on where to start. It's good that you're concerned about your step-daughter's well-being and it's hard not to make decisions for her, but remember she is an adult who likely has strong preferences about where she lives and with whom. If she has a guardian, you'll need to work with that person. If she doesn't have a guardian, maybe that should be considered, as well.
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Sorry, we are a caregiver forum discussing our lives caring for Loved ones. We are from all over the US, UK, Canada and other countries. So we r not able to give out this type of info unless one of the members live in the same state or area. You best bet would be to call your Dept of Disabilities. Start with your County offices. They should know what is available in your area. I have a disabled nephew and this is the route I have taken.
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