Any idea where can I find a caregiver job, not with an agency?

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Caregiver job, but not through an agency. Where would I find one?

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A few suggestions: you can post an ad on Craigslist. You can ask the local senior centers if they let you put up an ad on their bulletin board. You can make up some flyers and mail one to each of the residents at a local senior housing.
May I ask why NOT through an agency?
From what the HomeHealthCare Nurses tell me, there is always a need for caregivers.

Like Sue, I wonder why not through an agency - that could be protection for you.

However, you can ask at your local HomeHealthCares and Hospices.
Looks like samjamica has left the building as it has been almost a month since he/she had last posted, and it was the original question :(
Would you like to work in a nursing home, or ALF?

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