Hello. The neurologist is trying to adjust/introduce medication that could help my Mother's PD symptoms (she recently showed signs of freezing, though it's mostly been off, and rarely on). She has been taking Benztropine at the lowest dose for years (1 mg total/day). So the doc increased it to 2 mg total/day (1 mg AM & PM). She has also been recovering from a stroke from several months ago and dealing with hallucinations. We noticed deep, negative changes within days of taking the new dosage, like her hallucinations and paranoia ramped up.

After she gets back to her baseline (before the Benz increase), her neuro wants her to try Pramipexole (Mirapex) next. I'm concerned that side effects could cause similar problems. She's 70, recovering from a stroke cognitively, and has long taken meds for mental health. She's walking OK now, but perhaps a dopamine agonist could greatly improve her physical movements.

Has anyone here had any experience with Pramipexole (Mirapex) and what were the results like?

Thanks in advance.

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I have personal experience with Pramipexole (Mirapex). I have been taking this medication for 12 to 15 years everyday. (Currently 60). My health reason was Restless Legs syndrome so I cant predict her reaction. Personally I feel that this medicine was a miracle and if a doctor tried to stop this med. I think I would want another doctor vs medicine.

I was diagnosed in my 40’s with RLS but I had it most of my life. I underwent tons of insomnia medication’s with no avail. After a very long bout with no sleep, I went online and saw a RLS quiz. I had all 10 list symptoms. I thought I was a helpless insomniac. , My GP he ask me why I never told him about my “happy feet”. I said I thought everyone kicked and twitched. I thought my husband was odd (out cold as soon as he hits the pillow, Still take a while to sleep, but this was a long over due miracle to me. I have never had any side effects and I don’t forget a dose cause I lay awake kicking if I forget,

I don’t know if it will help but I wanted to share my experience. PD and RLC are related neurologically and treated with same meds.
Your doctor is suggesting a medicine that has been on the market for a long time so I would hope it could help, Start slow. I take 1 mg but started with half. I increased to 3 before I had another doctor suggest that I was over dosing and slowly refused to 1mg. Everyone can react differently so if you preceded do so with caution.

Hope you find the right solution that provides quality of life for years! Amy
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NancyNJ Mar 7, 2024
Thanks, Amy, for sharing your experience. It's super helpful and encouraging.
My husband has PD and has been prescribed a variety of drug over the course of the past 4 years. The lowest dose of Mirapex caused him to have serious hallucinations. Fortunately, our movement disorders specialist puts any drugs that create serious side effects, like this one, on the allergy list. Altho not a true allergy, it's good to document that the drug caused problems, so that it's never prescribed again.
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NancyNJ: Pose your question to her physician.
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There are no crystal balls so the only way to know whether a medication will be a benefit is to use it for a trial period. Since any negative reaction can usually be reversed by stopping the medication your decision come down to weighing the perceived benefits against doing nothing at all.
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My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease later in her life. The neurologist explained to me that her disease progressed more slowly than someone who was diagnosed earlier in life. She lived to be 95 years old.

Parkinson’s disease is different for everyone. My mom had tremors, mobility issues and rigidity. Some people will have dementia along with Parkinson’s disease. My mom developed dementia later in her life.

Her neurologist prescribed Sinemet, Ativan and Seroquel. He also ordered home health to help build up her strength and balance.

Mom did fall occasionally. She was sent to a rehab facility where she participated in rigorous physical and occupational therapy.

Mom did improve after home health and rehab because she worked very hard in the program. They have designed exercises specifically for Parkinson’s patients.

My mom was not on the drug that you mentioned. Speak with your mom’s neurologist about her symptoms.

Ask the neurologist if he feels that physical and occupational therapy would help her. Occasionally, meds are adjusted. My mom’s meds were adjusted from time to time.

Wishing you and your mother well. I know firsthand how tough it is to care for a parent with Parkinson’s disease. My heart goes out to you.
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