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That's what most POAs are for - for someone to take over when the person who signed the POA can no longer handle his or her own finances.

When that moment comes, well, that depends on the wording of the POA and your relationship with the person for whom it as drawn up. You may want to talk with the attorney who drew up the papers if it's not clear. Once a person dies, the POA for them is no longer valid. That's where a will comes in.
Take care,
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thanks Carol-
I understand the financial part-
what about the health care part?
The attorney is not a help -
I was on the health proxy, but was taken off when mom and i
had a big arguement-and during that time my brother agreed to take my name off- im not sure exactly how it happened- because i thought both me and my brother had POA- but when she went into the hospital, and I was tryig to get some info from the doctors,I was told that my brother was POA,and that I
had to deal with that. My mom isnt well, but she recognises all of us, her friends, more that that she still feels,a great deal,
and is so depressed and unhappy with what mybrother has
takencontrol over- her care with an agency that has a lot to learn about care for the elderly-not to mention some very
bad methods in dealing with jdementia-
my brother has made it clear to the agency that i am not to be
in the "loop" of info. this is so destructive to my mom since i am
so familiar with her history and have taken an active roll in her health care.btw, we resolved our argument months ago, and she wants me to participate-with my brother- but i dont know how to work with my brother- im thinking of asking if he would be willing to work with a 3rd party not sure who- just to get some sensible conversation started-
so, any suggestions?
i dont imagine there is much to do- im going to keep trying though-i have to-
thanks anyway,
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