My dad is 85 and has been diagnosed with the early stage of Alzheimer's. His sleeping pattern has gone haywire. He now stays awake the whole night and goes to bed the following morning, sometimes sleeping until 3pm. This causes havoc to my mom who is 82.

Is there some kind of sleeping medication he can take so that we can "force" his body into a normal sleeping routine?

Try giving him some melatonin in the evening.
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Melatonin is a good thing to try. Other things like exposure to sunlight in the morning to help your body realize that it's day time, time to be up and about, and that after dark, it's time for sleeping. I think that has do with supporting a person's natural melatonin production. Does he nap a lot during the day? If so, try to curb that so that he's more tired at night.

Your poor mom!
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The doctor recommended melatonin. It's worth a try.

Also, there are "adult daycare" programs in the country that will provide care for people overnight. They run just like a regular daycare, with activities and meals but they are scheduled for the nighttime. Call your local Alzheimer's Association and ask if there are such night respite services in your area.

Best of luck.
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Try melatonin, in liquid form, which can be found at a natural foods store.

This can be slipped into any bevarage.
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