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He may be "seeing" people from his past, such as his mother - reaching for her hand. His memory can only live in the past, so that is natural for him. My uncle did that, but it began with him shouting his deceased wife's name. However, later, he just kept reaching and reaching. As he died, he kept reaching out as though she was helping him move on.
You'll never know totally what is going on, but I think your hunch is right - a parent or a sibling from the past is on his mind and it's so real that he's reaching toward that person.
Take care,
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A friend who lost her 7 yr old son to meningitis said as they were going to the hospital in the ambulance he kept reaching out his hand. She held it and he brushed her hand away and reached out again., She asked him what was happening. His answer was "I am reaching out to Jesus." It was the last thing he said and he died not long after.

Watching a loved one die is very painful. I watched my 23 yr old son die. Getting through - I don\t say over but through - the grief is very hard, but, in time and with support the pain lessens. (((((hugs)))))
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thanks for all those who answered this for me. He too moves my hand and keeps reaching. sometime he is talking to his grandfather who died when my husband was a small boy. wish i knew what was going on in his mind. I just pray God will relieve him of this soon.
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My mother is doing the same thing now quite often. Some days she has a constant mumble(sometimes sounds like she is praying) along with the reaching up. She looks to be in a full conversation with someone or something. I asked her once who she was talking too? Her speech is very bad now I normally can pick out a word to two. All I could make out was "lord" and something about church.. So its leads me to wonder if she is "seeing" God/Angels or people from past.
At this end stage of Dementia mom is now in her "world". Only one could guess what she now sees or interprets. But whatever it is I do hope she is at peace in her mind. As I wish the same for your husband. Take comfort in believing he is seeing angels surrounding him. Remember, they are surrounding you as well to give you strength and guidance in this hard time.
So each time he does this remember there is a "higher power" who is with us always.

May God be with you!
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my husband is in i would say a stage 8 in alzhimers he is only 56 he always crys when i go out to see him and he doesent seem to know who our 13 year old daughter is i guess my question is how long will he live like this its the hardest journy iv ever been on
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