My mother has developed dementia and tends to wander without warning. The memory care facilities in our area cost a lot. One alternative would be to place her in assisted living in the same building as my sister currently lives in independently. The problem is this: it is not secured, and they cannot guarantee that someone will be at the exits during the night to insure that she doesn't wander outside. Any ideas on how we can keep her from wandering at assisted living without running into the same cost issues as memory care?

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I would be surprised if an assisted living facility would take your mother once they knew she wandered. It would be a liability issue for them. About a year ago, my parents went into an independent living apartment, and my dad is a wanderer. It was only allowed, because my mother was there to watch over him and they had an alarm on the door, if he slipped out without her seeing. If she is alone, no will see, and she could get hurt.

You should check with your local/state agingresources to see, if he qualifies for financial assistance. Memory facilities take usually have some slots for Medicare and some states have assistance. We ended up getting assistance, when my dad had a stroke and needed to go to a nursing home that cost $6000 per month. We had to pay the first month, but were reimbursed once the state's (Arizona) assistance kicked in.
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