My 92 year old father fell yesterday and broke his hip. He and my mother live at home, but they have both been in the hospital twice in the last twelve months. As would be expected at their ages, they have not been able to do a lot the last few years. Dad has had heart problems in the past, which creates a concern for surgery.

Dad is in a lot of pain and will be having surgery later this morning. He has always said he wants to be independent as long as possible. He does not want to be in a wheelchair or unable to perform normal activities of daily living. The surgeon said we can expect him to be on a walker after surgery. He will not like this, but I believe he can adjust.

I am the Medical POA. He has a Directive to Physician stating “If I am suffering with a terminal condition from which I am expected to die within six months I only wants to receive treatments needed to keep me comfortable and to die as gently as possible.”

If he were to have a heart attack during surgery, I do not believe he would want CPR. However, I know my mother will tell the doctor she wants CPR administered should it be needed during surgery.

I would like to know if the above quoted wording in his Directive to Physicians is enough instruction for CPR not to be performed should he have a heart attack during surgery?

Please keep us in your prayers today for a successful surgery and rehab.

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May The Lord guide the surgeons hands.

May God give all of you peace and strength during this time.

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Your dad is conscious correct? Let him talk to the doctor about the risks of surgery if he is mentally capable of doing so. Otherwise, make sure the surgeon and Anesthesiologist have reviewed his Advanced Directive and understand what your Dad's wishes are.

Good Luck
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