My dad's AL offer church service, I think maybe daily, but that is all I know of.
He doesn't attend and goes to sleep after breakfast and lunch. He has a tv in his room, but has very little interest in it.

I bought games for him to play, but he still has very little interest and said he was cold when we sat outside in the garden, but it was quite warm.

He used to belong to a senior social club, and they had so much going on there including trips away. The AL appears to rely on family for outings.

Any suggestions?

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Thank you. I will make those suggestions to them. They did say they have crafts going, but I think it interests the women as there are so many and very few men.
Great ideas txcamper. I am putting it forward.
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So there's no activities director? No calendar of events posted in his room and literally all over the place?

OK, then I guess you will have to pick up the slack. Jigsaw puzzles, sort photos and identify the people, tapes of old tv programs or radio programs that maybe he enjoyed years ago, a small pet if allowed, video games, teach him to knit or crochet or other needlework, paint by numbers, latch hook rugs, or any other craft. Good luck, it really depends on his level of ability and interest.
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