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Ok let's take a deep breath, in fact take several. Now let's break it down. What is breaking down, your sanity, your health, your will? Now ask what can i do to fix it. What help is available to me? Break it into more manageable components, and take action, maybe taking a break, call your local county or state aging agency.Every local and state government has one. Make an appointment and get the advice and help you need. Is the one you care for a veteran? Both medicare and the va pay for respite care. Good luck say to yourself, I am a resilent, courageous, and loving person. I can find a way.
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please continue to reach out for help from others who are in similar situations or have is impossible for people not caregiving to comprehend..this site has been a
Godsend to me. Just reading about others slows me down and gives me support and new insights to what I can change or use as an intervention. The person being cared for is unlikely to be able to change at this point. I am astounded at how stubborn my Mother has become..childlike in some ways...I am struggling to keep the common ground so our relationship does not deteriorate into just arguing. some antics I have to ignore..I am spiritual so I rely on my God Sense to help..we all have different journeys. I can only be on my Moms road to help some but I can't control the alz assoc. there is help. I send you love and strength.
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go see your doctor and tell him why youre about to break down .
i am sure ur doctor will help you out in any way he can .
i agree with mia . call that number .
bless you .
this is a place to be and plz let us know how ure doing afterwards .
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24/7 Helpline:

Please call a counselor at the Alzheimer's association to talk to someone

This website is just a message board, and I don't want you to not have someone to talk to.
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