Hi there! Is there a site within this website that lists what a lot of the abbreviations are that people use in their questions and answers? If so, I was unable to find it when using the search function. As a caregiver myself, I know how precious and valuable any spare minute is that a person has. However, if anyone has a mind to either let me know how to find the list or, would be inclined to post what many of those abbreviations (acronyms?) are I would be extremely grateful! Some of them I can figure out like, MIL, FIL, etc., but there are quite a few that escape me. Thanks much, in advance, for your help. Lynn!

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Nice, ACCM!
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Dear Sue,

LOL @ SOB’s second definition..probably much more frequently used than the first..

And thank you for your comprehensive list, answers many questions!

HeySilky, great question! Glad you posted it. TSM and HAGN ( as in..thank you so much and have a good night ;-)
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Ha! Over 30 years ago, my husband and I stayed at the Hotel California in Madrid, Spain - one of those ancient buildings. I don’t think the Eagles had ever stayed there. It was definitely not the “living it up” type of hotel they were singing about.
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FOG-fear, obligation and guilt
SOB-short of breath or son of a b....
Narc-a narcissistic person. (Nothing to do with narcotics).

I'm tired but more may pop into my brain.

Thanks Barb, I NEVER would have gotten that. I remember when the Eagles sang about the Hotel California.  Maybe thats why MsMadge calls it that.
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Hey y’all !

Thanks muchly. This was a BIG help and truly appreciated.

It’s so great I found this forum b/c (😉) not only have I learned sooooo much valuable information but, the vast majority of folks who post here are so kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable that it’s made my being a caregiver so much less.....lonely, I guess? Y’all are wonderful! 😻
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Hoca is hotel california, one poster's name for her mom's memory care place
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OP is original poster- the one who asked the question that led to the thread
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Here are the ones I know;
ADL's-activities of daily living
AL-assisted living
APS-adult protective services
LO-loved one
DH-darling husband
DW-darling wife
POA-power of attorney
DPOA-durable power of attorney
NH-nursing home
MC-memory care
HIPPA- a privacy law that prevents the release of a person's personal info. without their consent.
IL-independent living
LOL-laugh out loud (we here don't do enough of that)
PT-physical therapy
SW-social worker
UTI-urinary tract infection
VA-veterans administration 

The two that I'm still trying to figure out are;
hoca-(something to do with a nursing home?)
OP-(other poster?)

Silky, it can be quite confusing trying to navigate through the "lingo".
Can someone else answer my two and think of more?
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Last time I checked the site search wasn't working. This thread isn't the most recent on the subject but it was the first one I found
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