We were having such good days for the last 4 or five days and suddenly this morning things changed. She had breakfast and a couple of hours is "urpy" and now wants to die and says she feels like she is going to croak and he insides feel like that. I don't know what to do or think. I am her youngest daughter, caring for her and I don't know what to do. I put a call into her doctor. Please advise or let me know if others have had this situation.

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Your mom is lucky to have you, LastOne. Please take care of yourself as well as you are taking care of her!
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Thanks all of you for each of your answers - sincerely appreciated. All helpful and especially comforting that someone cares and answers in a time of need. Mom is feeling better. Somehow this all passed, I made her some chicken broth and dumplings and she ate a really big serving and had seconds! She seemed to rise above this and I took her "moments" as very real and didn't ignore them. Called the doc because this time it seemed very serious. After I sent my original message, I hugged her, and spoke with her and said, "well before you go anywhere, I just want you to know that I love you, I'm glad you are my mother and I'm glad you are here with us, and I wish you would stay with us longer." And she replied, "I will for you." And then things dramatically turned around- I made her the homemade broth and dumplings (had the broth on hand - dumps were just a 3 minute job). And all is fine at this moment.

That is how one seems to have to deal with this moment by moment, but I must admit that this is the most difficult task I have ever undertaken and has taken a huge toll on me and my life and my physical and emotional health.

The best to you all-
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You wrote that the last 4 - 5 days were good days. What were the days like before that? I'm wondering if the 4 - 5 days were "normal" or the preceeding days were "normal", and if so, what were they like?

My guess as to the "urpiness" would be a food alergy, or sensitivity, as well. Does she feel gasy as well?

What other medical conditions does she have?

If she doesn't feel better soon, I would consider going to the ER. You never know what might be going on, and better to spend the time now to be sure.
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LastOne, was her breakfast food any different from the days before? A different combination of foods. A new jelly used. New brand of coffee or orange juice? Sugar substitute? Food allergies or being sensitive to a food can cause more than just physical reactions.

Was there a new refill for any of her prescriptions? A new vendor who manufacturers the pills could be using a filler that your Mom could be very sensitive. I have dealt with this problem for many years, and found certain fillers cause me to have panic attacks. Thus, I try to stay with one manufacturer.
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Please don't think I'm nuts, but the full moon may be what is bothering her. My MIL and SIL get grumpy when there is a full moon.
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