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These are easily researched with any search engine. But what you should do is ask the MD involved with these people what blood pressure he would like to see in the patient. Be very aware that patients who manifest a high blood pressure in MD office are often reacting to stress of MD visit and that blood pressure is often more low in an at home situation. Blood pressure parameters have changed in recent years with MDs often aiming for lower number whereas in years past they allowed for somewhat higher in elderly. There are so many things affecting from side effects of medication to general health to salt intake to kidney function to heart health to even the gender of patient. Do speak with the MD involved to get the blood pressure range he or she would like one to aim for. And do research blood pressure online.
Respiration is also highly variable. What you really want to know is oxygenation and how that is. An O2 oximeter is now very cheap (under 20.00 ) and available in your local pharmacy or online at amazon or any other outlet. Again, you want to aim for what the MD would want for this person given their knowledge of their overall health, but you would be concerned if it falls under 90 on the oximeter. And again, these "normal vital signs" are easily researched online.
Wishing you good luck.
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