BookHolder by BookGem

The BookHolder by BookGem is ideal for elderly seniors who like to read. It holds books securely, for comfortable reading anywhere - on the couch, in bed, in a lap, in the kitchen.

The pocket reading stand holds books open, in a variety of comfortable reading positions.
Twin spring-loaded clips hold the book securely, yet open easily so your parent can turn pages.

Flip it over and attach it to the top of the book for a more inclined reading angle. Whether it's a fat paperback or a nice hardbound book, the BookGem frees hands from the constant chore of holding the book up and the pages open.

This small, yet versatile bookholder folds up flat, much like a pair of glasses. It will even fit into many eyeglass cases!

Elderly seniors can experience the sheer relief of reading without having their hands glued to the book.

For more information, visit the BookGem website.

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