• GO-TO-SLEEP EYES: Dolls with stationary eyes can cause unnecessary anxiety in a dementia patient and may even lead them to believe their baby doll has died. But Annie’s pretty eyes close when she’s put to bed. Just like a real baby!
  • WEIGHTED FOR ADDED COMFORT: Weighing 3 lbs, Annie applies soothing therapeutic pressure to the body when held, promoting a sense of calmness in the patient.
  • FITS INTO DOLL CLOTHING: Your loved one can dress this doll in actual doll clothing. Seniors love being able to dress up their “baby” in different outfits each day.
  • HELPS IMPROVE MOOD & FUNCTIONING: 16" doll serves as an engagement tool for seniors with dementia, helping to lift spirits, reduce withdrawal & calm nervousness.
  • LAVENDER SCENTED: Our Alzheimer’s Doll is infused with natural lavender, which emits a pleasant fragrance known to promote relaxation. This provides an added calming effect for the patient.

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