Music for Alzheimer's / Dementia

The goal of Alzheimer’s Music Connect is simple: to provide a few hours of human peace each day for both the Patient and the Caregiver.
Utilizing a patent pending process called Altus Oscillation™ for enhancing carefully selected music, we have developed a non-pharmaceutical item capable of comforting Patients while providing valuable relief for their Caregivers.
There are no invasive stimuli involved and using the system is as easy as turning on a CD or MP3 player.
Our research shows very clearly that when Caregivers play our enhanced music program for their Patients, the following positive results ensued:
*82% of Patients showed improved mood and behavior.
*99% of Caregivers indicated the positive impact occurred in less than 30 minutes.
*100% of Caregivers had the ability to take a break of up to 2-1/2 hours long.
This is a proven, highly effective means of dealing with the everyday stress that an Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patient brings. 90-Day money back guarantee!
For more information, please visit Music for Alzheimer's / Dementia (5 CDs + DVD) .
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