Everyone knows some truly fine people in their thirties to sixties whose older parents treat them really badly, with hurtful sarcasm, irrational demands, constant criticism, and undeserved anger. These frustrated, unappreciated adult sons and daughters simply want to be good to their parents. Perhaps you are one of these people yourself.

In this unique handbook, Dr. Chafetz provides adult children of difficult older parents (CODOPs) the tools they need to protect themselves emotionally, effectively love their hard-to-love parents, and create a healthy legacy for their own children.

Here are thirty powerful, time-tested tools for CODOPs:

  • Ten concepts to empower their minds
  • Ten insights to comfort their hearts
  • Ten behavioral skills to guide their actions

To learn more, visit Loving Hard-To-Love Parents: A Handbook for Adult Children of Difficult Older Parents.

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