Bring delight, joy, and companionship into the life of an elder loved one with Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pet cat. Joy For All Companion Pet cats look, feel, and sound like real cats, but they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs, and pleasant meows.

These beautiful, soft cats respond to petting, hugging, and motion much like the cats you know and love, plus VibraPurr technology further enhances their life-like qualities. This two-way interaction helps create a rich, personal experience, bringing fun, joy, and friendship to your elder loved ones.

Some of the features of this wonderful companion include:

  • Soft and cuddly pet with fur inspired by real feline breeds
  • Features VibraPurr technology for purrs that sound and feel like real purring
  • Movements that mimic a real cat
  • Authentic cat sounds
  • Companion Pet and Care Guide
  • x4 1.5V C Alkaline Batteries included

You can find the product online here: Joy For All Silver Cat With White Mitts.

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