So I know this isn't what this is for but yea...
So when I was 11 I was talking to my cousin and my principal and I noticed that her jumper wasn't our school colours so I told her, and I said that she was only supposed to wear it the day after the time she had got it. She said that she didn't care, yet as soon as she got home that day she talked to my aunt and then my aunt said, she can mind her own fat face business. Things like this had already happened where she had called me fat, her old nickname for me was tubbs. I didn't know at the time but I now realize that she was calling me fat. I've always known that I'm kinda overweight, like how I couldn't keep up with my class while running. The year before this incident I was regularly hurting my self because of her. Also she would treat two of her daughters like royalty as if they were better than anyone else. They got the best, most expensive gifts for those two then for her other daughter, a foster kid, the crap cheap or used gifts that nobody wanted and me, well, I got nothing from her. In front of my mother and in public "oh this is my neice, I love her so much," behind closed doors "you're so stupid!" She made me feel as if nobody loved me and still does. Whenever I'm in a room with her I feel scared that she'll be mad at me for something I've done as a child. I never wanted to go to her house so I spent most of my time alone, I also feel that she made my mother an alchoholic , sorry about the spelling
Any advice?

Dump her! and anyone who adds nothing positive to your life. Being an aunt doesn't entitle her to diss you directly or indirectly. Consider the source is a sick person who disrespects you, and does't deserve a second thought from you. Go on with your life surrounded with positive people. She's the lesson for you for how to deal with other disrespectful people you will encounter in life.

Don't say anything or help your cousin any more regarding what's right or wrong with what she wears or does. It's just more for her to complain about and give your aunt (and maybe whoever) more ammo. Let your cousin find out on her own .. or not. Be mindful not to confide in any of them or you'll likely regret the consequences. Another lesson you've learned. We all are learning.

Oh, and if they're still on your Christmas, Bday card list, good time to remove them. Others will love you; you don't need them.

if you live with her then try to find another relative to live with and call CPS.

lonely1kid - do you live in her home? If you do and your an adult, by all means find another place to live: with another relative, friend or on your own. If you don't live with her, avoid being in her company as much as possible.

I have an aunt that I quietly call Aunt Witch. The good thing is I’m an adult and I get to only have contact with her if I choose to, and I rarely choose to. Your aunt is a toxic person, minimize your contact. You’re not the problem, but that’s the solution

Cut toxic people like this out of your life.

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