UPDATE: A while back I said Hubs and I reached burn out, asked Dad to move to AL. He's moving!


Today he totally moved in. YAY!!! It took me being covered in hives, itchy, peeling, red, swollen, all over my face, arms and legs for him to say yes completely. Every time he would pull the whoa is me card, he'd look at my face and arms and think better of saying why am I the only one to sacrifice?! I have been dealing with hives since Nov. they kinda mellowed until Feb then they really started to be reactive. To the point in April I looked like a monster. Non of the creams worked, etc. Now another biopsy as my Dermatologist wants to rule out skin cancer or blood cancer. She said she may have me admitted to hospital for wound care. Fun! I cannot take antihistamine or steroids due to allergist who I finally got an appt with too- said I need to be free of these in order to have good results. I finally got an appt with rheumatologist 6/1. My regular Dr. ordered tons of blood tests to see if it is an auto immune disease brought on by how my body deals with stress. Or it is a cortisol overload or I AM ALLERGIC TO OLD PEOPLE! My sweet hubs took over moving Dad to his apartment as I am exhausted from not sleeping and itching like a drug addict jonesing for a fix. I have turned into a hermit as my face looks like I shaved with a dull razor. My arms and legs look like raw hamburger. I sure hope it all clears now that I am no longer Dad's main person. MY encouragement to you all is self care is most important. I kept thinking it will go away. I'll be fine. Well I am not. Big hugs awesome Caregivers, you are amazing! BB



About 40 years ago I had hives periodically. (Annoying, but not as severe as you describe.) I was told it was stress-induced, and I discovered over time what specific stress did it. Lack of sleep!

I hope yours is also stress related and that it clears up nicely!

Thank you for the support, gentle hugs and info. Yes I know it started as stress for sure. Now it is seriously Stress on Fire! I do hope in the next month it just eases it's self! Hugs back

Good luck with your skin issues. I have oral lichen planus which is an autoimmune disorder that can be exacerbated by stress. Ugh.

I'd stay away from dad for a week or two and let him settle in. And take good care of yourself during that time. Sounds like you've made a wonderful change in your life that can enable you to manage your stress better. {{{Hugs}}}

I am hoping after a week of time to yourself, time to sleep, etc, that you will see an improvement in your hives. They sound AWFUL!!

I don't even know you and I can almost promise you the hives are from the STRESS!
Stress kills.

Congratulations on getting the move accomplished. I hope your dad is content in his new digs.
I’m so sorry you have been going through so much with your poor skin. Hopefully your calmer life style will give you the ability to heal and your blood work and other tests will all be positive.
My husband goes through the hives occasionally. Not to the degree you have but his is also stress related. Biopsy didn’t really reveal anything for him either. About all he learned on his many doctor appointments is that it is very difficult to diagnose skin disorders.
Keep us posted. Hope you are better soon and your husband gets some rest too.

Sorry to hear that you had to get hives in order for your Dad to decide to move to Assisted Living. God works in mysterious ways.

Sounds like you had to get the “plagues of Egypt” before “Pharaoh” (your Dad) made his decision. I hope that it doesn’t take 40 years for you to find your “Land of Milk and Honey” and that you feel better soon.

Good Luck with your allergist and rheumatologist appointments. You have a smart doctor since he/she is doing tests for an auto immune disease & possible cortisol overload. Take care of yourself.
[Hope my hugs don’t hurt too much.] (((((hugs))))