I am a single mom raising a teenage daughter and my mom has moved in with us due to dementia/alzheimers. I have no one to help me, and I am terribly depressed. I love my mom with all my heart, and she remembers some things, but for the most part caring for her is like having a toddler again. I have a job that sucks me dry mentally, unemployment at 9.75 in my area, so getting new job is not an option, and my relationship with my daughter has deminished, and she is torn and frustrated too. I just dont know what to do, where to even look for help. I am constantly going and doing, and now I dont even have my own room, I sleep on the sofa with my clothes here and there, clutter all over, and wondering what I even have to live for. I would love any advice or info on resources. I'm in southern california. I have searched the web, the department of aging, etc. It just seems there are so many things to do and I would risk being let go at work for taking additional time off and weekends most places are closed. Anyway, sorry for the long first post. I just wonder if everyone is usally this overwhelmed or if it is just me. Thanks

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The AARP is in Long Beach. You may want to contact them and see if they can give you the information you are seeking, or possibly they would know who you should contact.

Dear Overwhelmed,
Tha best answer is yes, PRAY FIRST in all things. Give God the first part of your day and things will always be better. I completely understand because I am in a similar situation. I am a divorced mother of two boys, and I care for my elderly mother who has good days and bad days. So far most of them are good.I understand to messy house, no personal time, very little sleep, trying to pay bills, and just barely getting food. No one else really will help because of the shear overwhelmed feelng they get when they walk in the door. I have a sibling that lives less than a block away, no help there either, they rarely even come by to visit.Try to get too much help the state could step in....scary. And there are very few resources for this position. Our society has become so adjusted to thowing the elderly or hadicapped into nursing homes I would suppose because that seems easy to the ones involved. I cannot fathom do that to my own mother that raised me an is now being a wonderful grandmother to my boys. If there were ever a time for all us to band together in prayer so that Almighty God would step in and work out His plan, it's now! We are going to see alot more cases like ours due to there being so many single mnothers. GOD HELP US! Please know that I will pray for you also, prayer really works! Thank you for your post and try, just an idea. God bless, and know always you are doing the right thing by loving your family!

You have urgent and immediate needs. First, pray. Ask God for help. He will answer. You're not alone. Many struggle with fatigue, distress, fear, and overwhelming emotions and Alzheimer's. But there are options and help available. Start with the Alzheimer's Association. Google it. There are answers and alternatives. You are important to your Mom and daughter, and others, too. Keep in touch with this site, and you will learn a lot and get support. Take care of yourself. Even though it's hard right now, it won't be like this forever. And know someone is praying for you as well.

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