Our LO has began to not be able to make it to the restroom. Last night was the first time my SO has had to clean up and it was incredibly hard to see him so broken up over it. We've finally got family members (spread across three different states) to see that he is not in perfect health any more and that this is a lot harder for SO than some have realized. Again we are incredibly young for this.

I was privately talking to my boyfriend's sister who helped me get the up coming difficult conversations going. We are finally meeting with an in home assistant next week so we will have some help. They are also going to bring up the topic of Assisted Living but the decision is entirely on my SO. He feels that his LO's future, happiness, and well being is resting on his shoulders and there's no way for me or anyone to lessen this burden. Our LO saved his life as a baby and now he needs to return the favor. I saw both of them cry and wish for their wife and grandmother(adopted mother) to be alive and it breaks my entire heart. Prayers and kind thoughts for my loved ones greatly appreciated.

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Chloe, wow! You and your SO are awesome young people.

You are in a difficult situation watching your guy go through loosing his g'pa. It is gut wrenching to see our loved ones fail. I bawled like a baby when I found out, through an accident, that my dad was incontinent. So my heart goes out to your SO.

One thing, my dads doctor put him on a prostrate med, some issue when they tried to put a catheter in. It has stopped the accidents, so maybe there is something that can help.

I will pray that the family will come to an understanding how things move forward, that you and SO are granted strength to deal with this and that your LO will be as good as possible and not have to suffer.

May God grant you all peace and comfort during this trial and bless you all exceeding abundantly.


You are incredibly young to be in the situation you are in. I sense a lot of love here..bless you in what will be a difficult change.

Talking with the whole family is wonderful idea. It's best to all be on the same page when dealing with these decisions.

Does you SO have POA for your LO? He will need it at some time, if not right now.

Placing someone in AL is not the end of the world. Take the steps slowly and be careful about looking at facilities. Don't promise your LO that you will always keep him home--that is a surefire way to promise something you may not be able to do. Just promise that you'll help him to have the best possible care you can get for him, wherever that may be.

Most AL's want families to be involved. Day to day care, or as often as is doable. There will be some sense of guilt, that's normal. But caring for someone 24/7 (is that where you're heading, do you think?) is mind numbingly hard.

You are very young and it warms my heart to hear of your heart breaking decisions. I will add you into my prayers as you search the right answers.

God bless you!

What do you want to see happen?
What would you like me to pray for on your behalf?
You can post it here or just message me. I would be happy to take your request to the Lord.

God bless you.

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