I am considering leaving my job to care for my mother full time. She is on a fixed income so I would certainly not expect her to pay me. Are there programs that pay a family member to be the primary caregiver?

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I have not heard of any-but using her income maybe she would be able to get low cost aides check with your county some have an office of the aging, I would not give up my job entirly to be a stay at home caregiver - if you are new to this site read some back post. When I left work due to disability my husband started going down hill first off and I became a 24/7 slave 100 doc visits in 10 months- he lost aby ibdependence that he had had-my friends stopped calling because every time I was on the phone he had a crisis if I was late 5 min getting home from wherever he was on the phone. I have not read of any post where it worked out with the daughter staying home. Get yourself into a local caregivers support group and develope some friendships-could you take a 6 wk leave from work to see how it goes,I would get touch with your county to see what programs they have to help the eldery-with her income she might qualify for a low cost aide to come in for a few hrs a day or go to low cost day care they usually are for 5 hrs inc. lunch and some have buses to pick them up if they can climb the steps-you can not count on anyone else family of friends to help you for this 24/7 job. I don't want to be a downer but you need to hear what the other ladies and men say about caregiving- please keep in touch Frani

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