They said "too bad", we are not responsible for personal property and can't be bothered to check pockets. How can I get them to pay for replacements, about $2000 since still under warranty? And also keep relationship with Facility friendly so my Mom won't suffer in revenge?

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I know, My Mom is 93 and in ALC. Fortunately it's only a one floor facility and I can talk to her through the window, when the staff opens the window. But without her hearing aids, that is difficult, especially with motorcycles and noisy vehicles driven very fast (cuz not in school or work) down the street and with the open window, the heater under the window comes on. She gets very cold (she is 68 pounds). One thing, in all her mind confusion, I said, "this is like the depression" and she whipped back, "noway...its nothing like the great depression!".

Sorry to say this is a very common topic here on AgingCare.
HA's are a problem even in the best of facilities, it is unrealistic to expect staff to shake out every item in the laundry or go through hundreds of pockets, just as it is unrealistic to expect cleaning staff to sort through every trash can and dining staff to uncrumple every napkin. It is unfortunate that facilities aren't more up front about this issue because I'm certain your mother won't be the first or last with lost or damaged hearing aids - the only good solution I have seen is to have them kept on the med cart and handed out with the morning meds and locked away at night, and even that isn't foolproof.

I am so sorry.  The cost of putting a relative in a facility is VASTLY understated.   Stuff gets lost, stolen, destroyed because of incompetence.   They just don't care

Some of my credit cards offer purchase protection. Possibly you could look into that?

Call your state's Ombudsman. NOT the facility's Ombudsman person. Find out who the head of the OMBUD program is for your state and call that person. He or she may refer you to the head OMBUD for your county but at least they will hear about it. And they will tell you how you should proceed.
I did that here in AZ. The county's ombud at that time is now the head for the whole state. And we have spoken several times. She is amazing!
Another thing is your contract with the facility. There may be something there about lost items or laundry policies. But no matter, you could still have recourse. Call nursing home licensing bureau in your state or Area Agency on Aging. (That's where the ombud's office usually is by the way)
Good luck.
Take care, stay healthy and many blessings.
I have 95 yr dad in NH and I can't visit. This is killing me.

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