I know others have this same struggle. Mom, 95 yrs old refuses to wear her hearing aids. TV is usually 84-100 with 100 being the max. I'm not going to put them in for her every day, take them out every night, and open them up to save on batteries when she goes to bed. And I'm not going to continue talking at a volume I'm not comfortable with so she doesn't need to put them in. I'm actually thinking nursing home.
Any suggestions?

For the TV there are TV ears. You can put the volume on for ur level of hearing. The headset is light weight and she can turn up the volume to her level of hearing.

How long has ur Mom worn hearing aides. I ask because its hard for the elderly to adjust to them. And many don't. With an Aunt who was in her
90s it was hard to turn those little wheels with arthritis in her hands. Also hard for her to know if it was on or off. I can't stand earbuds let alone a mold fitted to my ear. And when u put those molds in they have to be just right.

But now, they do have those little tubes but my Mom had trouble with them. She went to a mold and never wore them again. I may have found out why. My DH has been extremely hard of hearing since he was a child. I went with him on one of his Dr visits. He needed a new mold. Seems over a period of time the plastic hardens and shrinks. When the mold was put into his ear he said it was uncomfortable. The audiologist shaved off some of the mold which helped. I then wondered if this was my Moms problem. The molds were uncomfortable and she didn't know she could have them adjusted. Also, an ill fitting mold will make the ear sore.

I really don't understand the problem in putting them in and taking them out for her, as long as its just once a day. Now if she continued to take them out once u put them in then I see a problem. I think there is more here than hearing aides. I think its burn out. If Mom is 95 you are probably around 70? I think the hearing aides are the "straw that broke the camels back". You both are Seniors. You just can't do it anymore and thats OK. Its time to find Mom a place. Believe me a weight will be lifted. There will still be some responsibilities because ALs don't supply everything like LTC does. You will need to supply her personal items. But her laundry can be done there. She will get 3 meals a day. She will be safe and you can visit when u want and for as long as u want. You won't be at her beck and call. Do not send a phone with her. AL will inform you of any emergencies.
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Some seniors do better with a Personal Sound Amplifier - Personal Audio Amplifier Device and Voice Enhancer Device for Sound Gain of 50dB available on Amazon. The larger controls and being able to take the earphones in and out without assistance seems to be attractive to many independent minded seniors.
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My Mom refused to wear her hearing aids. After several talks about it...(I used to refer to it as “yelling with Mom”), she would wear them, but turn them off!!!

she told me that she did that because then people wouldn’t insist she wear them, but she still didn’t hear...because people didn’t say anything she wanted to hear any way.

Some things I just let be. Taught her a few simple signs in ASL, and let it go. Pick your battles.
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I had to put my mother’s hearing aids in and out. She has Parkinson’s disease and her motor skills deteriorated and couldn’t do it herself.

If she is able to do so herself she should do it.

As far as the television is concerned I simply couldn’t handle the blaring television. It would give me a headache and I was getting so anxious and annoyed that I thought I would lose my mom. My mom said she couldn’t hear the television with her super expensive thousands of dollars hearing aids. So I bought headphones for the television. Do what you have to do. Start looking at nursing homes. All the residents blast the volume on their televisions!

Best wishes to you.
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If she is totally incapable of understanding the benefits of wearing hearing aids vs. the damage potential of NOT wearing them, you’re probably dealing with dementia too.

Finding out about local Assisted Living facilities is likely your best bet. MUCH better to start the process while she is relatively active. Unless there is some other substantial physical need present to necessitate full time medical care, she probably isn’t going to be found eligible for “nursing home” care.

Tragically the impact of hearing deficit is serious and significant in the progressive loss of cognitive functioning.
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My mom actually threw hers in the trash. I got her ear buds and she would only wear them for a short while then refuse. Going into a facility will certainly be a failure if she brought them with her. This is part of the disease. If you replace them then you will have to supervise the use at all times. It is up to you if you accept those terms. I just ignore the comments now
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