For those of you who have read my past posts here is an update: My B was still yelling and screaming at me and ignoring me so now his number is blocked! I am at the point of having to send him paperwork but have no where to send it. He refuses to get his mail due to the fact that he receives so many bills from credit companies. I have talked to a lawyer and to the bank. The suggestions are to send the mail registered and wait and see what happens. I will ask for a signature if the package is picked up.

Christmas is a difficult time as we are once again in lockdown because of Covid-19. There are so many memories and no family to share them with. Yes I have my husband and my son's family but no one that remembers the "olden days".

To top it off, my Blood Pressure has sky rocketed, partly from stress and chronic pain! I am staying as positive as possible. My husband is terrified that if I go to the hospital that I will not return.

This site has been so very helpful and given me more support that I ever imagined. Thank you so much Merry Christmas

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Hopefully, you can proceed without your brother's signature. If he never picks up the letter and the Post Office returns it, it is the same as if he accepted service,if the letter was sent certified or registered with return receipt. A probate attorney would be a good choice to help you. Or contact Legal Aid if finances are a concern.
And relegate your brother to the sh%t pile. He's not worth your health. Sending you a great big hug.

Hello, I am new to this site, well all sites dealing with this topic. First I’m so sorry to hear about what your going through. I don’t know the specifics but if I am correct in relating to this, after you, the caretaker gave up your life to do what was right, then he/she passed an the, in my case uncle, but possibly your brother... basically the scavengers of the family that didn’t care when they were alive now come around and want to make what’s already so so difficult even harder. Scum... Iv never posted or told anybody until now but reading that post made me feel like someone else knows. I’m 35, moved back home from out of state to help my mother with her mother. My grandmother was an independent complete Italian stubborn woman, a fighter. For the past 4 years I left all my jobs, and stopped trying for my masters, and decided to be the full time caretaker I needed to be. My grandmother and I have the same name, now she’s gone Iv learned more about her then I ever imagined. The condolences and stories of thanks to her about times she helped family or paid for events that others couldn’t.... I think about what a women she was. This beautiful young woman who had a hard life but never failed. Watching that women decline was hard, but watching my mom see her mother, her rock decline was by far the hardest. My grandmother was a strong 95 Turing 96 1/19/21.... she died 1/10/21... Covid hit with no symptoms until in just 1 night she felt sick and by the morning she was in the icu.... And gone with in 1 day, alone without us there. I knew she wasn’t coming home in my heart. I was strong for my mother. But a complete mess, my life is now so confusing and I’m lost in trying to find myself. Logic tells me the obvious. But these 4 years have made me reclusive and scared of things. This was not me at all, I traveled I did so many things without fear and not all I feel is fear. While my friends talk about husband and kids which is normal at my age, I have nothing much to say after watching the end of life cycle.
I just thank you for letting me get this out. I just pray I find myself soon. It’s lonely not knowing who you are or what your purpose is anymore.
thanks for your post, it helped me open up. I also hope you and your husband are doing well in dealing with the “fake family”.
thank you

PLease do take care of yourself.

I have also developed stress induced tachycardia and altho I am on meds for it--I have 'attacks' everyday. Also have chronic back pain.

COVID related stress and DH WFH and trying to heal from cancer has made it all harder. My Doc read me the riot act yesterday and said this could permanently damage my heart if I don't calm down.

Yes--do send the paperwork registered mail. When /if B recieves it, he signs for it, so you have that. You cannot make him OPEN it, but you can prove he recieved it.

Family--they are so great until they're not, right? I wish you well, I know you want to put this all to rest.

Happy New Year, Butterfly. Have you sent the paperwork to your brother as suggested?

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