Is there anything that can be done about a sibling that has financially manipulated my father into selling his home, moving him to another state, she bought herself a home from the sale of his home and he is in a facility? He was perfectly fine before she did all of this. My other sister and I need help desperately?

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You say your father was fine before all this, i.e. before he sold up, moved to another state, gave your sister a substantial amount of money with which she bought a house for herself, and moved himself into a facility.

To me, the key question is: how is your father now? Is he settled and well looked after where he is? Is he regretting the move? Do you and your (other) sister have any concerns about his personal or financial wellbeing?

As Polar points out, if your father was a competent adult making his own decisions then you can't do anything about this. Proving that your sister "manipulated" him ... well, tricky doesn't cover it. You would need clear evidence of his having been vulnerable to her manipulation to the point where he was not in control of the situation. Do you have any?

The obvious looming problem is to do with your father's finances. Facilities are expensive. Unless he is extremely well off and pretty certain to live at least another five years, he will not be able to apply for Medicaid and the money he - let's say - "loaned" to your sister for the house will have to be repaid, one way or another.

How were family relationships before all this happened? Used you all to be on normal speaking terms?

If there is anything to be done, you will have to check with an attorney to find out. Is your father mentally competent? Is there a will? Did he appoint the sister who moved him to be his POA? Is she taking care of him?

What your sister did may be elderly exploitation, which meant your father had to be tricked into selling his house and giving her the money without his full understanding and agreement.

However if he was a willing participant, then there isn't much you can do. He could do whatever he wanted with his house and his money. He could leave everything to one child and none to the rest, or give everything to a charity or his cat if he had one, and it would be his rights.

I am sorry you and your other sister need financial help. Even if you and your sister didn't have any financial difficulty, having your parent giving all of his money to one sibling and none to the rest would make most people very upset. See if you can get a free consulation with an attorney to find out if you have a case.

In the meantime, have you checked with the county where you live to see if you qualify for any assistance from the government?

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