To Earlybird...

Thank you with all my heart for your kind reply and amazing support!

And, yes, I do attend whenever I can, the grief meetings held at my local hospice. This helps. Also, a little, but powerful book handed out by hospice has been very helpful. It's called, Grieving....A Beginner's Guide written by Jerusha Hull McCormack. It's a must have for those of us caregivers who are suddenly bereaved by the loss of our "charges", be they our mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, etc.

This in addition, of course, to faith in Jesus Christ....I couldn't have survived my loss without God's help and love sustaining me through the unbearable.

Bottom line: Cling to God. Nothing else will hold.

So, Earlybird, thank you, and the others who so lovingly responded to my various messages....a heartfelt thank you and I wish I could reply to all of you....I just don't know how!! Grrrrr....very frustrating.

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You said it, sister!

You are welcome. Please remember that your mother would want you to have peace and joy in your heart. Hugs!

You are very welcome, Know I am thinking and praying for you, Bronish. I wish many blessing to you during your lifetime. May you find peace in your wonderful memories of your dear mother. Hugs once again to you.

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