Just curious. Has anyone written a book on their experiences with caregiving? A short story for a magazine? An article for any type of publication? A blog about caregiving?

Any public speaking on caregiving?

A podcast? YouTube? A talk at a community center? A church group?

The only thing I have done is private journaling. My therapist recommended it.

I went to a support group and spoke a little bit there. That doesn’t qualify as public speaking to me.

Would any of you consider now or in the future to speak publicly about caregiving? Anyone consider writing about it?

I don’t know what category to place this under so I picked mental health as a general category because writing can be therapeutic. Public speaking can be cathartic too.

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I have done public speaking before but not on caregiving.

My daughter is one who is terrified of public speaking but she has to take that class in school in order to graduate. It’s required for her degree.

I found journalling hard at first. Now I am okay with it.
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Many people are terrified of the thought of speaking in public. I am not one of theme, but I know many who are. It is a very different activity than writing a journal.
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