It's been a rough two weeks of steady decline.
I spoke with my siblings and my Dad.
It's not working.

I managed to negotiate a teleconference with a neurologist over the Christmas. He increased my Mom's meds and added a new one

This time it seems the benefit only lasted a month. Shortest spell yet.

I just finished speaking to my brother on the phone about the latest he's seen in Mom...and I cried in my girlfriend's arms. I couldn't hold it back.

I thought I was detaching successfully. Apparently still hurts.

Its not working. Nothing is working.

I wish I could have held back the waterworks.

I'm just glad nobody at work saw.

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Thanks. Appreciate it.
I did feel a bit better after

How could you ever detach successfully from your mom?

My mom, yeah, you would be able to successfully detach.

Please don't ask yourself to do the unrealistic, it creates failures and make it harder for you to cope.

I truly hope the tears were cathartic for you and you have a more realistic idea of how hard it is to treat a loved one.

I am so sorry for your family, your mom is so young and it is truly tragic and worthy of tears.

I’m so sorry that this is all happening to your mom, and to you.

Watching a parent decline is a long, slow grief. And, with every step down, a new wave washes over us.

You are in good company here. We understand.

Thank God for a doctor who can cry! And understand what families go through. Professionals all need to distance themselves from their clients, one way or another, or they can’t do their job. But it’s so much better if, deep down, they ‘know’! Well done. Love, Margaret

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