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If you are talking about replying or answering a question that someone has asked you can click on their "name" and it will take you to their profile. A lot of information is sometimes included there. You can extrapolate an answer based on that.
If there is no information in the profile and not enough to go by in the body of the question you can sometimes scan through the replies that are already there if the person has responded or replied to any of the comments you might gain more info that way or simply write in your answer....."Can you provide more information so that an accurate answer can be given." In addition to that you can ask specific questions that might help an answer.

Questions or comments under "Discussions" are a bit different they do not have "reply to" and then a members "name" under the comment box. (would be nice if that were a feature. )

?? What are you talking about?? You put this question under the POA category, so you'll need to provide more details before you can get useful comments or advice.

Discussions doesn’t have a nested screen like questions do. For discussions you typically refer to the user whose comment you wish to respond to.

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