Please read this - whatever stage of supporting a loved one with dementia. It will help you to focus your energy (not waste it) and minimize the overwhelm / anxiety.

Print it out.
Post it.
Commit to doing some thing(s) every day, no matter how little.

You want to avoid burnout and this is one major tool is doing this.
Stay as healthy as you can. While Teepa may not have mentioned getting enough sleep, exercise, meditation, getting outside in nature, eat a health-focused diet . . . this is critically important too.

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Wouldn't it be great if every caregiver could be handed this information by their LOs dr or neurologist when they are first diagnosed with dementia. Sadly, clinicians offer no help to either the LO or caregiver in what to expect or how to prepare for the journey.

In my case, and probably some others, I actually turned down an offer of support by a friend. My thought was, “yea, sure, what do you know about dementia care?”. That was sort of foolish because not only would it have provided me some respite, but I didn't know anything about dementia care myself!

Wow! I missed this; what ana amazing resource.

I especially like her suggestions about building a "team". Too many folks try the "lone ranger" approach which always leads to burnout.


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