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A fellow poster on this website mentioned swapping out the word grief for guilt. I can’t remember who it was and which post it was from but it has been a total game changer.

Instead of using the word guilt because I can’t do it all and don’t want to do it all, I use grief that I can’t do it all because I’m only human. I end the sentence with a period and move onto the next thought easily and with Grace.

I have been playing with these for a few weeks now and it’s much more freeing in the body to use grief. Guilt feels very heavy to me in the body. Guilt feels like a vicious cycle of ruminating thoughts leading to resentment. Grief feels lighter and easier to move.

Guilt lead me down a dark path for many years. I have been trying to work through this emotion for decades. A huge thank for whoever suggested grief. It was the missing piece to the puzzle!

Happy Sunday everyone, remember to do something for you today…. And to keep laughing and smiling!

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My husband died in February. Guilt overwhelmed as I remembered, "Oh! I forgot to do his toe nails before he passed." Every little thing was guilt as a caregiver for the first few weeks.

Then I realized, I did the best I could. It is grief - I no longer could do his toe nails. I am thankful that for 12 years as his only caregiver - I only had two bad days. Challenging days, yes. Overwhelming days, yes. Grief not guilt!

Sometimes I copy bits of wisdom from this forum. I paste them into a little book for future me. I can see that even if I'm not at that point yet, I will likely soon be. This one is in my book!

Yes it was Alva and I kept that post to send to her when she returns from her vacation where she has no phone or internet. She will laugh when she reads the "wise woman" remark.

Thank you so much! A wise women indeed.

Wise words.
I think emotions are so difficult to pinpoint sometimes.
You have included another GREAT "G" word in your post.
One of the definitions of GRACE is:
Do honor or credit to someone or something by one's presence.
Isn't that what we try to do when we are caring for someone?

It's Alva Deer who wrote those wise words.

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